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Algotest vs quantiply

AlgoTest vs Quantiply. Choose the platform that serves your needs best!

Algotest vs quantiply

Backtesting options trading strategiesYes, for freeNo
Live trading options strategiesYes, with 20+ brokersYes, with 13+ brokers
Indicator Based StrategiesYesNo
Free Option Strategy BuilderYesNo
Free Option SimulatorYesNo
Real Time Straddle and Strangle ChartsYesNo
M2M GraphYesNo
Forward testing options strategiesYesNo
Individual leg target, stoploss and trailing stoplossYesYes
MTM target, stoploss and trailing stoplossYesYes
Lock profit, trail profit and lock + trail profitYesYes
Entry by premiumYesYes
Move stoploss to cost/ Trail SL to breakevenYesYes
Simple Momentum/ Wait and TradeYesYes
Underlying based entries and exitsYesYes
Range breakoutYesYes

Price Comparison AlgoTest vs Quantiply

Pricing PlanAlgoTest Pricing PlanPricing PlanQuantiply Pricing Plan
Starter₹ 299 for 300 credits – 1Year validity (25 free backtests per week)Rs.100/month – to run 1 Algo for 28daysSTARTER planRs. 250/month – run 1 algo for 30days
Explorer₹ 749 for 800 credits – 1year validity (25 free backtests per week)Rs. 94/month to run 1 Algo for 28daysSEMI PRO planRs. 1250/month – run 3 algos for 30days
Pro₹ 1999 for 2500 credits – 1year validity Rs. 80/month to run 1 Algo for 28daysPRO planRs. 2000/month – run 6 algos for 30days
Advanced₹ 4999 for 7500 credits – 1Year Validity Rs. 67/month to run 1 Algo for 28daysDISCOUNTED PRO planRs. 1600/month – 12 algos for 30days

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