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Forward Testing is Live!


Forward Testing is Live!


Forward Testing is now live on AlgoTest! You can now simulate your saved strategies against live market data in real time!

What is Forward Testing?

Forward testing or “out of sample” testing allows users to run their strategies in a simulated manner, without any capital commitment. While backtesting allows you to test your strategy logic against historical market data, with Forward Testing you can test your strategy logic in realtime!

Importance of Forward Testing

We have always maintained the importance of Forward Testing in our trading process. Before we deploy any strategy in the live environment, we forward test it. Now, you can too!

Your forward test results will give you more confidence of going live with your strategy!

Feature Availability on AlgoTest

Since forward testing is live in beta mode, it won’t have all features that are currently available in our backtester, but we’re getting there! For now, here are the features that are currently supported when we paper trade as well as for trading in live market:

  • We support only the #920Straddle template.
  • Entry time is between 9:16am and 3:29pm.
  • Last Exit time is 3:29pm
  • Intraday strategies only.
  • We support both NIFTY and BANKNIFTY.
  • “Underlying from” cash and future are fully supported.
  • We support both modes of Square off – Partial and Complete
  • All types of Trail SL to Break-even price are supported
  • Overall Target and Overall Stop Loss
    • We support both MTM and Total Premium %
  • Overall Re-entry is supported
  • Overall Trail SL
    • We support both Points and Percentage
  • Legs
    • We support all of Futures, CE and PE
    • All 4 kinds of strike selection criteria i.e. Strike Type, Closest Premium, Premium Range, and Straddle Width
    • All types of Target Profit and Stop loss are supported
    • Trail SL
      • Both Points and Percentage are supported
    • Weekly and Monthly Expirations are both available
    • All 8 types of Simple Momentum are supported
    • All 6 types of Leg wise Re-entry is available

More on this soon, so stay tuned!

16 thoughts on “Forward Testing is Live!”

  1. Hi,
    I have an intraday strategy which starts at 09:30.
    I have deployed the same and activated it yesterday around 9’0 Clock.
    Yesterday it was executed perfectly but today it is not executed automatically.

    Do I have to activate it on every day or I am missing something.
    Please Revert.

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