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Improved Error Handling on AlgoTest!

Improved Error Handling on AlgoTest!


Introducing Our New Error Handling Feature

At AlgoTest, we’re excited to announce a significant upgrade to our platform with the introduction of the Error Handling feature. This new functionality is designed to make the trading experience smoother and more resilient by allowing traders to manage errors directly on the AlgoTest platform, without the need for switching to a broker terminal.

Why we developed this feature

The development of our Error Handling feature was driven by a clear need: to simplify and enhance the error management process for our users.

– Raghav, CEO

Traditionally, any errors encountered during live trading required users to manually intervene using their broker’s terminal. This process was not only cumbersome but also time-consuming, potentially leading to missed opportunities and greater trading risks.

Recognizing these challenges, we developed a solution that allows errors to be handled smartly and efficiently right within AlgoTest. Our new feature supports the resumption of strategies that enter an Error State under certain conditions, providing a seamless transition from error detection to correction.

How does this feature help you trade?

The Error Handling feature on AlgoTest includes several key capabilities:

  • Resume Strategies: Users can now resume strategies that go into an Error State, provided certain conditions are met.
  • Smart Error Management: The feature includes a smart system that tracks orders and strategy legs that encounter errors, allowing for quick identification and management.
  • Direct Handling on AlgoTest: Most errors can now be handled directly on our platform, reducing the need to switch between systems and increasing the efficiency of trading operations.

For a more detailed exploration of all the capabilities of our new Error Handling feature, we invite you to visit our “Error Handling” documentation page at AlgoTest Documentation.

The new Error Handling feature at AlgoTest represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly trading platform. By enabling direct error management on AlgoTest and enhancing the overall efficiency of error resolution, we are empowering our users to trade more confidently and effectively.

We understand the critical nature of fast and efficient error handling in trading and are pleased to offer this advancement to our community!

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